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Maths came before music

The moment consciousness can differentiate many from one, it becomes fundamentally mathematically endowed. This is the precursor of axiomatic tautology of mathematics that can, given enough combinations, get as complex as you can imagine.
Mathematical skill therefore should predate musical skill in human evolution.


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    Jun 30 2013: Pabitra: Which came first Math or Music? Is that the question? Well are we talking counting on your fingers and then displaying that count to a fellow primate or addiction/ subtraction, multiplication/division, algebra and trigonometry. Now when I was a teenager and went to impress the girls I bought a bongo drum and beat it till my fingers burnt. There were times when it might have even sounded rhythmic. I never learned to play anything more sophisticated. So starting on the low end of math and music it could be a question that will forever remain unanswered. Early primates cracking seeds or nuts on a log could have synchronized their striking of the vegetation, thus establishing the first orchestra. Then again, in the same clearing some distant relative of yours and mine may have been using her fingers and toes to comprehend the needs of this primate pack.

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