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What is happiness?

I just stumbled across this little animation:
and it got me thinking - what is happiness? Is it who you are, or who you know? Is it solitude or togetherness?
All of these things? None of the above?

I have my own definition, but am curious what yours are.


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    Jul 5 2013: I tend to think it's kind of hard for human beings to be happy because we are mortal, even if we're happy today we know that down the road there's sickness, old age, death.
    • Jul 6 2013: True, we face the inevitable... We could also get hit by a bus and not have to deal with sickness and old age though - if that makes you happy...!
      I find happiness lies in things that are intangible, so minuscule yet so gigantic. The here and now.
      Look at a child, they will teach you what happiness is.
    • Jul 6 2013: actually dude getting old is not sad you be happy that you will leave this sinful world and go to the heavenly father...well i know its hard to believe but we have too..cheers

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