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What is happiness?

I just stumbled across this little animation:
and it got me thinking - what is happiness? Is it who you are, or who you know? Is it solitude or togetherness?
All of these things? None of the above?

I have my own definition, but am curious what yours are.


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  • Jul 6 2013: being happy is not just an expression it is a feeling from within.one needs to be satisfied with oneself and when we achieve this we be happy when we reach our goals we be happy but as a human we live a life with compromises and challenges that come everyday and when one learns how to overcome them and transform them into happy things one is happy and when he comes home after a long tiring day and busy day he just needs a person who helps him/her to get at ease and relaz and enjoy the life we need to live our lives and do evrything that we wanted to do. i cant say that i am happy but i always try to be and i does help my friends help me and eventually all the burdens go away and a sense of ecstasy comes in...lol

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