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What is happiness?

I just stumbled across this little animation:
and it got me thinking - what is happiness? Is it who you are, or who you know? Is it solitude or togetherness?
All of these things? None of the above?

I have my own definition, but am curious what yours are.


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    Jul 2 2013: I think happiness comes down to a persons perspective, context and attitude to life. Undoubtedly too, it will mean different things to different people. By this I mean someone may be so happy when they are skydiving, yet to the person who is afraid of heights, they would be horrified at the prospect and far from happy.

    Therefore, happiness must be an individualistic differentiated experience. You could generalise about what it is, however the elite athlete who is miserable because they are 1/10 of a second too slow would be at complete odds to the bulk of people who would be so happy to be that quick!

    I am sure that I have met people too who are happy, being miserable,complaining and arguing... the types who always see the glass as being only half full and would probably even complain if they won the lottery!

    Personally tho, I think those people with a positive outlook on life are generally happier than those who don't! : D
    • Jul 6 2013: Absolutely. Those with a positive and realistic view, I think. I tend to get criticized for always seeing the silver lining in any given situation, but it is not an intentional thing, I sincerely see a positive aspects, which helps me analyze my mistakes in such a way, that I really have no regrets. An opportunity to learn, is an opportunity to grow!! It doesn't get much better than that.

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