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What is happiness?

I just stumbled across this little animation:
and it got me thinking - what is happiness? Is it who you are, or who you know? Is it solitude or togetherness?
All of these things? None of the above?

I have my own definition, but am curious what yours are.


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    Jul 4 2013: What is happiness, not the definition of it, but the essence of or the substance, before it is fashioned into the conscious experience? Does happiness exist without the word happiness? How do you know when you are happy, or must someone tell you and educate you about it?
    Can you desire happiness, like you desire a pair of shoes?
    These are questions one must ask, not just believe that there is something called happiness, and the way to it is by doing this or that..
    Carl Rogers and others have spoken about being Authentic. Being authentic is being without conflict.
    But that requires complete honesty and I am afraid, honesty, like Billy Joel sings, "is such a lonely word/ every body is telling lies".
    Honesty profits you nothing save the authenticity of your self. But without that, happiness is also "such a lonely word".
    Our consciousness is profit driven, and we see profit as the basis of happiness rather than the cause of misery.
    This is where humanity is wrong. Because happiness, authenticity, is universal.
    Profit is not. It divides and creates misery and unhappiness. But we are blind to it.
    Profit drives us to wars, to exploitation, to suffering. To violence, rape, stealing, lying, crime.
    Is this so hard to see?
    • Jul 6 2013: I agree, Johnny, it's hard to define this personal state with a single word, especially one that has been so abused (see the thread with Edward Long below).

      I tend to keep coming back to the consumerism sickness we are engulfed in now, and like you, see no way anyone can find true 'happiness' when the expectations for humankind are only slightly different than a herd of cattle, the difference being, we have bank accounts. I see it, clear as day. We can't be the only ones!!
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        Jul 6 2013: Hi Lizanne,

        I am so grateful that a few of us do see it.
        And sometimes, the few that see can steer the ones that don't to the light.
        By example.

        Bless you

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