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What is happiness?

I just stumbled across this little animation:
and it got me thinking - what is happiness? Is it who you are, or who you know? Is it solitude or togetherness?
All of these things? None of the above?

I have my own definition, but am curious what yours are.


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      Jun 28 2013: I tend to agree with you on personal happiness. I'd add that happiness is somehow linked with human dignity. The caveat, however, is that it is subjective. Happiness potential will vary from zero to a high degree of materialism.
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          Jun 29 2013: Cannot agree more. Somehow, your philosophy is strikingly close to that of M.K.Gandhi.
        • Jun 30 2013: This is such an important phrase, LaMar - "Human dignity in my opinion would be not getting your happiness at the expense of others."
          Where is human dignity these days??

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