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Do you think safety of women can be guaranteed by tighter regulations or by insight?

guys, My motherland, India has recently seen a surge in antisocial activities against women (rape mostly), Our government and more so its citizens demand stricter laws to punish the offenders. Do you think that this will really help?? Like me, do you think its the mindset of the people that has to be changed entirely???


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    Jun 29 2013: rape,for me(and I am qualified to speak on this topic in more waysthen most) is about anger and who is a victim of insignificance. When I am angry I choose how to act carefully,where I stomp,or who I am rude to...everything is selected from my options...so men raping women is an event that occurs due to the low value and status your culture places on them...I have no facts presently I am willing to bet England was a major force in your countries ill will towards women. European men have historically legislated against women and when they invade your culture Im sure this ILL WILL came wiht them. If I am wrong...I will aplolgize...so Your culture must seperate itself from outdated ways of being...and immerse itself in modernity which treats both sexes unfairly,not just one(sorry this is meaNT TO BE WHITE HUMOUR) But seriously seeing beings as lesser dehumanizes them and consequentially we harm those we dont identify with

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