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Do you think safety of women can be guaranteed by tighter regulations or by insight?

guys, My motherland, India has recently seen a surge in antisocial activities against women (rape mostly), Our government and more so its citizens demand stricter laws to punish the offenders. Do you think that this will really help?? Like me, do you think its the mindset of the people that has to be changed entirely???

  • Jun 30 2013: People's well-education is needed.Where are we from?We are all from mothers.If we don't love our mothers anymore,anything else we can get further?Respect woman as well as respect our mom.
  • Jun 30 2013: Changing the mindset is a very hypothetical point because you cant do it until that person is ready for a change. In that case, yes we have to build an environment which forces him to do so like bringing tighter regulations but with ways of faster execution of the Law, changing the ways in which women are treated/shown in things that we see in our daily lives like movies, politics etc.
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    Jul 4 2013: I thought Ghandi was born in India.
    Obviously Ahimsa is just a word.
  • Jun 29 2013: Punishments limit the number of crimes in that way, that one offender could not commit a crime multiple times. Just in case the offender gets a punishment that seperates him from a society. If not seperated, a punishment will not change much or nearly nothing.

    The mindset of people can not be changed by pressure, but by offering better opportunities. Maybe you should take a look on the points in indian culture that make it easy to do other people a harm. Sure you will find lots. And these must be exchanged by better views, which provide better results in the long term.

    You will not change the current society, but future societies.
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    Jun 28 2013: More women in the police forces there, you need to break the mold of our male sense of what is common held belief and tradition. We need to be shook up.
  • Jun 28 2013: There are many ways to increase security.

    Changing the mindset of the people is the most effective way, but it in my experience it is also the slowest.

    Changing the laws will not be very effective.

    I would suggest more and better police and more surveillance technology. Women should also be educated and trained to keep themselves safe.