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How does it feel to be dead?

there are two worlds, one that we enter to exit and the other one we exit to enter, coming into this world we have people waiting to see how lovely you will look like and exiting this world, we have people weeping at how you look like now... what all all does it mean to be dead and how does it feel like..
i wish to get answers that will help people understand the realities of being alive at a point in time and being dead at another point of time..

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    Jun 27 2013: I'll have to get back to you on that one.
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    Jun 28 2013: Based on some former employees and supervisors I have worked with that were clinically brain dead based on their actions and decisions ..... they seem fairly happy and almost life like.

    Cheers ..... Bob.
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    Jun 28 2013: Sorry Victor but, I think that you are asking a silly question. Dead to me is the opposite of life. With life you feel, in death you don't, as a matter of fact, at that point nothing exists, not even death. ;)

  • Jun 28 2013: Victor,
    I love Tom Stoppard's answer to this question, taken from the play (later turned into a movie) called "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead", a story based on two characters from Hamlet, whose fate is predetermined. It is an excellent exploration of existentialism, and this particular scene is how I feel about your question:
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      Jun 28 2013: Lizanne,
      That clip reminds me of the fact that "safety coffins" were designed, because of people's fear of being buried alive. The terms "saved by the bell" and "dead ringer" may have evolved because many of the "safety coffins" had bells attached, so the person who was presumed dead, could signal for help if s/he woke up in the coffin, buried, and was, in fact not dead!

      How does it feel to be dead?
      I suggest that once the organs of the body stop functioning, the energy that powers the body changes form and goes back into the universal "grid" (for lack of a better term). The body does not "feel" anything anymore, and the energy which returns to the grid does not "feel".

      LOL! Lots of entertaining comments on this thread:>)
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    Jun 28 2013: I shall let you know when I am dead. Here is my email :
    I am kidding! I think your question is not that invalid. I also feel that the concept/idea of death is included in life, so being dead is not exactly opposite to life. If you are asking how does it feel AFTER being dead - well nobody knows for certain. If you are asking how does it feel to KNOW one will be dead sooner or later, it's a cultural thing. Some cultures celebrate death just like birth because both are points in the greater flow of life.
    I shall not regret it when it happens if I can complete what I have set out for myself.
    • Jun 28 2013: Then there is the story fictional? of a man to be executed during the French Revolution who would give a signal to his living friend What happened nothing
      OKay 10% of the heads would still be trying to talk after decapitation. Morbid

      So i guess where that goes.
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    Jun 28 2013: So you assume that we can feel when we are dead?I think nothing you could feel.
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    Jun 27 2013: The meaning of being dead is that you don't feel anything. Which could be a good feeling, if you could feel it.
  • Jun 27 2013: My bet is a dream followed by slow loss of focus and then darkness. As for feeling, my bet is that there is no feeling.