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What motivates the Open Translation Project volunteers to donate their time and enthusiasm to translate TED Talks?

Following June Cohen’s Found In Translation Session, we wanted to ask the TED Translators about what motivates them to donate their time, energy and enthusiasm to translate TED Talks? Is there one Talk that inspired you in the beginning? How does the community respond to your translations?

  • Jul 1 2013: If I were capable of being a volunteers translators,I think 'Help others meanwhile improve ourself,it is the most happy thing to do.
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      Jul 8 2013: Yes indeed, that sums it um neatly! The global friends you make while doing it are a big bonus too.
      • Jul 8 2013: Do you get to attend TED events?
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          Jul 8 2013: There's usually a group of about 25 translators at TEDActive and TEDGlobal. Many of them are also TEDx Organizers.

          In some countries, TEDx Organizers invite translators to local TEDx events, which is great for strengthening TEDx-OTP-collaboration.

          The Found in Translation sessions were recorded at TEDGlobal. Translators around the world got up in the middle of the night to Skype in: I remember it was 2:30 AM for Meric when we recorded.
      • Jul 8 2013: Wow Els, sounds like a lot of work.....but a lot of fun!!!!

        Thanks for your hard work, we all appreciate it very much!!!
      • Jul 10 2013: Els, thank you for the link.

        I have always admired all the work that goes into transcribing and translating talks.

        Many sites that feature wonderful videos, are only available in English.

        The fact that TED takes the time to provide information in many languages, is just wonderful.

        I will keep your suggestion in mind.
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    Jul 8 2013: you love the talk, you want to spread it