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Refrigerator Thermoelectricity

Yo Ted community something just popped in my mind whiles playing football(awkward). Well as we all know a freezer is very cold inside and ejects heat on the outside generally. What if a thermocouple is connected from the inside to the outside to return back some of the power or to charge phones and laptops without being billed for it.

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    Jun 27 2013: Research wise 33-seconds on Wikipedia yielded this:
    A thermocouple can produce current to drive some processes directly, without the need for extra circuitry and power sources. For example, the power from a thermocouple can activate a valve when a temperature difference arises. The electrical energy generated by a thermocouple is converted from the heat which must be supplied to the hot side to maintain the electric potential. A continuous transfer of heat is necessary because the current flowing through the thermocouple tends to cause the hot side to cool down and the cold side to heat up (the Peltier effect).
    Thermocouples can be connected in series to form a thermopile, where all the hot junctions are exposed to a higher temperature and all the cold junctions to a lower temperature. The output is the sum of the voltages across the individual junctions, giving larger voltage and power output. In a radioisotope thermoelectric generator, the radioactive decay of transuranic elements as a heat source has been used to power spacecraft on missions too far from the Sun to use solar power.
    Thermopiles heated by kerosene lamps were used to run batteryless radio receivers in isolated areas.[14] There are commercially produced lanterns that use the heat from a candle to run several light-emitting diodes, and thermoelectrically-powered fans to improve air circulation and heat distribution in wood stoves.
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    Jun 28 2013: Sun power would be a very good idea, sure it could function properly at Ghana. Thermocouple connected to a freezer, seems to be a good idea, but it's not clear if it would be efficient and practical. And, what about wind power?, it also could work very well, if Ghana is a windy country .-)