prabhakar baratam

CEO , sri venkata lakshmi ganapathi enterprises

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to purify the sea water & produce electricity and separation of minerals from sea water by using the wave energy linked with foot valve .

i have an idea about to produce electricity , purifying water, extraction of minerals, from sea water as whole at the same time by using waves of the sea . By using wave energy i am planing to pump water to reservoir on a hill by the principal of foot valve from there by using hydroelectricity will be produced in some small amounts. by using that electricity for boiling of same water for thermo hydraulic power will be generated and at the same time we pass that steam for condensing so i will get pure water in bulk (q sec) and all of them minerals are also separated . so by this we can use at least 5% of sea water for different uses and there will be no scarcity .At a time 3 products will be there electricity , pure water, minerals.

  • Jul 27 2013: There was already a TED talk on this subject.