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What are your thoughts on sexual health and education?

Hi today I have a few questions for you all. First where do you think kids/teens should learn about sexual health? Second do you think schools are doing enough to teach them about it?

For the first question I would say either parents should be informed on how to teach their children about sexual health or it should be done though schools as not all information on line is true and not all young people are comfortable asking a doctor about things like this.

As for schools I think that no school is doing enough. I had some of the best sexual education in school and even then if it wasn't for the internet and my local LGBT youth group I would know nothing about STDs and STIs and what they look like until I was 16, which was too late for most of my classmates and they also did not teach anyone how to be safe during what they saw as "non traditional" sexual acts. Schools seem to think that if teens will have sex it will just be straight forward intercourse even though most studies show that young people are more lightly to engage in some other kind of sexual act first. So it isn't simply the LGBT students that are being put in danger by not telling students how to engage in oral and anal sex safely.

I have one last question which is for my own benefit. I have been really wanting to try and improve sexual health awareness but I can't find any campaign groups I can join. So my questions is does anyone know of any good sexual health awareness campaign groups?


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    Jun 28 2013: Hi Kirstie,

    Sex education, sexual health, sexual identity and self respect are issues that should be part of growing up in nurturing families... but who in the UK lives in that ideal environment?

    I think at 13/14 schools should begin to guide young people towards appropriate information (probably on the internet nowadays), backed up by a qualified school counsellor/ nurse / telephone advise service.

    Teachers aren't the best people to teach sex education - they have their own opinions and, as we all know, they like to tell kids what to think and do! Likewise, Youth Workers tend to try too heard to be "cool" with the kids, and may inadvertently come across as too permissive and encouraging.

    Personally, I feel kids are being placed under too much pressure to throw away their virginity - like it's something to be embarrassed or ashamed of! Being sexually active at 13 or 14 is sad and shocking - but I know it happens more and more nowadays.

    As far as finding a good sexual health awareness campaign, surely Glasgow must have many. You could ask at your local sexual health clinic.
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      Jun 28 2013: I think positive sexual education starting with just talking about different relationships in schools from a young age could help take away the pressures kids have about having sex. I honestly think teachers could teach sexual education as well. It doesn't matter what the teachers opinion is. If a teacher was a racist we wouldn't let them not teach kids to treat everyone equal. I am just out of education and was getting what is seen as the best sexual health and to be honest it was pathetic and in the UK it isn't even mandatory for schools to teach that much and many don't.
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        Jun 28 2013: Here's a suggestion Kirstie, go into your local politics now. With your unique perspective of being freshly out of education you see where it could be better. Your age doesn't matter if you feel strongly enough, you might have to create what you are looking for.

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