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What are your thoughts on sexual health and education?

Hi today I have a few questions for you all. First where do you think kids/teens should learn about sexual health? Second do you think schools are doing enough to teach them about it?

For the first question I would say either parents should be informed on how to teach their children about sexual health or it should be done though schools as not all information on line is true and not all young people are comfortable asking a doctor about things like this.

As for schools I think that no school is doing enough. I had some of the best sexual education in school and even then if it wasn't for the internet and my local LGBT youth group I would know nothing about STDs and STIs and what they look like until I was 16, which was too late for most of my classmates and they also did not teach anyone how to be safe during what they saw as "non traditional" sexual acts. Schools seem to think that if teens will have sex it will just be straight forward intercourse even though most studies show that young people are more lightly to engage in some other kind of sexual act first. So it isn't simply the LGBT students that are being put in danger by not telling students how to engage in oral and anal sex safely.

I have one last question which is for my own benefit. I have been really wanting to try and improve sexual health awareness but I can't find any campaign groups I can join. So my questions is does anyone know of any good sexual health awareness campaign groups?


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    Jun 27 2013: Families surely ought to convey some of this information, but in the United States almost every state, I believe, will have mandatory health education and most sex education as well.

    This begins in grade school and is often required also in middle school and again in high school.

    You are right that there is a lot of incorrect and harmful health education on the internet.

    I know all my kids in public school learned about sexually transmitted diseases at school in fifth grade, which here means they were around ten years old. I believe they learned about birth control then as well.

    We have several experienced health educators on the site who will surely reply to you about this.
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      Jun 27 2013: The issue with schools as they very rarely mention things such as dental dams and when they do mention STD/Is the don't always show what they look like so teens don't learn how to identify them.
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        Jun 27 2013: While school curricula seldom cover subjects comprehensively, it would be a useful component of a school program to provide links to authoritative online sites.

        For example, there are many health knowledge data bases provided by medical institutions that contain detailed information for a host of illnesses of what the symptoms look like.
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          Jun 28 2013: Yeah if they gave links to like the NHS sites it would help. That is where I went when I wasn't sure.

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