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What are broad (or specific) topics that a current event/social issues/ high school course cover?

I've started a class at my high school and will assist in teaching it, and I believe that the best ideas come from cumulative thinking. So any ideas from the TED community are greatly appreciated.
Good background for this is that it's an elective course limited to juniors and seniors, and the teaching style is heavily subjective to Socratic seminar to create an appreciation for all ideas and enforce a deeper connection with a feeling of democratic equality.


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    Jun 27 2013: Thanks a ton everyone, It's appreciated.

    @Barry- I love the think tank idea you had about two committees, I could totally get that done. The supreme court agenda is an awesome resource as well, so thank you for that one too.

    @Greg- I'm a student (Senior to be) and I'm essentially a TA with a lot of leeway since i proposed the curriculum last year. It is for credit and It's a social studies elective. It's aimed mainly at enthusiastic learners who don't really want to take an open 6th.

    @Fritzie I've done a lot of looking into other syllabus's and curriculum's and it is a tremendous resource but thank you for the link as it was/is VERY helpful.

    I've also used the PDF for the AP human geography class and I'll look into the IB programs and what their courses can offer my course. Like you said a lot of trailblazing has been done in this.

    @ALL- thank you for the insight, and i liked Greg's idea of just tossing out Idea's that could be somewhat reviewed.

    I want the course to focus on bringing awareness to the students, as a majority of my peers are extremely unenlightened when the topic is global (or domestic) issues. So a large chunk of the course would be reading articles and watching videos (TED for example).

    I think using the words "current events" is misleading, it's more geared towards learning the condition of the world environmentally, economically, socially, culturally, and maybe even geographically.

    For example I'd love to cover how in economics, the environment can be assigned an astronomically high value. Then have a Socratic seminar with essential questions like, Do humans have the right to destroy the earth? Can you ask the impoverished to conserve, and will they do it if you so request?

    Thanks again everybody it's appreciated, let's keep rolling.

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