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Are you repressed/inhibited in some way?

I feel pretty free to do and say what I want. I can ask an unusual question, state my political views, dance on a street corner. How about you, do you say and do what you want, are you repressed, is it your own inhibitions, fear of what people will think, fear of your government?


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    Jul 2 2013: Thanks from everyone...now you can see my self therapy at work...By admitting I have a problem at the right time(with your consent) I get alot of support..which I use to push myself out of the problem. ON my own I go to a dance class with meditation and will eventually hug everyone there(im very anxious)...Problems are the red flags for change and I will only be truly comfortable when I lose this issue....Im surprised Im the only inhibited person here....i witness many peoples difficulties with life,so I felt normal to speak out...thanks from you guys...this is very reassuring
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      Jul 2 2013: Thanks for your courage, carolyn, maybe we aren't as courageous as you.

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