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A Garage Sale...give up your garage

Sick of our feeding and clothing the homeless. It is like a surgeon on the street treating a man with a cut on his leg while he is having a heart attack. When are we going to shove our cars out on the street and give up our garages for the homeless to live in? The neighborhood then becomes family finding a job for the person and bringing in a sofa, a TV, a small refrigerator. Why do we provide a home for our cars and not fellow human beings?


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  • Jun 28 2013: People are giving me good reasons why the Garage Sale idea for the homeless won't work...I can even detect some criticisms hide a wish that it could be done. To give up the garage for a homeless person would certainly need legal advice and local statutes not to be an obstacle. The community--not just the homeowner--- would have to be involved. The reason to do it transcends the good reasons not to do it.

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