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What's the point?

So earlier today i was having an argument on existence in general with a friend of mine. We went on and on about this and that, he finally asked me what I thought is the point of life? to which I replied none. So he asked me to think of a sphere then asked me where is the point on this sphere? To which i replied none it's a sphere. He then said you're wrong, the sphere has infinite points but your perception is to distant and narrow to perceive them.
This made me think pretty deep about almost everything and i tried to think of something without a point. I then realized there is nothing without a point even the void of space which is essentially nothing still has a point. Because without that void everything would be together as a singularity like when the universe began. Then I realized the only thing that is pointless is what you perceive as pointless without having the knowledge of what its point is.
I eventually gave up on trying to think of something that was pointless as it was pointless. But it made me think of what other properties that a point possesses. I then realized every point has an end. I thought hmmm well does a car have an end? well yes it does when it breaks obviously but then what after that? what becomes of it after the end? what is the point of the end itself?
It then dawned on me that everything i could think of after it ended was reborn into something else. And everything is reborn even if it's not what it was originally. Now my previous example of a car wouldn't be the best as it would take a long long long time for it to decay to its elements and become one with the earth to wait another purpose unless, it was recycled. But everything is reborn into something else in one form or another.
Now i won't go that into my final thoughts on this as Ted wouldn't aprove. But with all these principles i asked what is the point of evolution, the universe and of god and what's their end? and what's their rebirth?


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    Jun 26 2013: It's 42! It's really simple when you think about it for 7.5 million years (reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

    The thing is that you first need to know the question to know what the answer is. And the old "meaning of life" question doesn't really question anything... What's the point of an atom or an insect?

    The only reason why we think that there's a meaning to life is because many like to think that there's been a creator that has assigned us meaning, just like we do with animals and stuff.

    If you believe in a creator the meaning of life is very simple, "Obey thy lords command" if you don't believe in that you can stop asking this question since it's about as good as asking how long Gods beard is...

    BUT if your question is to find your own purpose in life that can be accomplished, but only by you alone. (One fulfilling purpose is helping others, that will most likely give you a mostly happy life.)
    • Jun 26 2013: Completely agree with you on this and I believe in a creator simply because the paradox of a universe we are in something cannot come from nothing. I don't believe in any organized religion because please..that is all wrong on so many levels. I won't go into it but there are so many possibilities of what god could be physically instead of just saying he's somewhere

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