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free renewable energy.

had a thought maybe someone who knows could run with it or shut it down but wanted feed back.

A closed looped system. like a hydro plant but insted of water, chlorine. heat the chlorine by digging deep into the earth to heat it since it has a low boiling point. chlorine vapors spin a turbine, then cools and spins another turbine on the way back down. this is the simple of it. would something like this be feasible I wonder? maybe someone smarter than me could shed some light on if it was a totally stupid idea.... one never knows.


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    Jun 27 2013: You pump water down through the hot rock to harvest the heat and use a surface heat exchanger to heat a more volatile liquid which boils and drives the turbine. (not chlorine as it is VERY reactive and would corrode anything it touched) probably use a freon of some description. Unfortunately for you this is existing technology.

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