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free renewable energy.

had a thought maybe someone who knows could run with it or shut it down but wanted feed back.

A closed looped system. like a hydro plant but insted of water, chlorine. heat the chlorine by digging deep into the earth to heat it since it has a low boiling point. chlorine vapors spin a turbine, then cools and spins another turbine on the way back down. this is the simple of it. would something like this be feasible I wonder? maybe someone smarter than me could shed some light on if it was a totally stupid idea.... one never knows.

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    Jun 27 2013: You can have a go if you mean 'free' in economic sense. However, someone will sure exploit it and it will not remain free anymore.
    If you mean 'free' in a thermo-dynamic sense, you just have no hope.
  • Jun 27 2013: Thanks everyone for your comments!! It was just something that popped in my head on my way to sleep. Thanks again to all who took the time to share their thoughts on it. :-)
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    Jun 27 2013: You pump water down through the hot rock to harvest the heat and use a surface heat exchanger to heat a more volatile liquid which boils and drives the turbine. (not chlorine as it is VERY reactive and would corrode anything it touched) probably use a freon of some description. Unfortunately for you this is existing technology.
  • Jun 27 2013: I'm not sure, but maybe. Inside a closed loop pressure would tend to become homogeneous and that way defeating your goal, so I see 2 challenges: 1) to keep high pressure from escaping on the input side and 2) cooling quickly the output side in order to reduce pressure fast enough to keep the process going.
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    • Jun 26 2013: i did a little looking into this and from what i have found for every mile you drill into the earth the temperature goes up 25 degrees centigrade. considering the boiling point of chlorine is just about 96 degrees F you shouldnt have to drill too far... the turbines wouldnt have to be underground well one wouldnt anyway. and for the most part the power generated would be free.. the world has built many things of much greater scale than what would be necessary for this to work. it seems like a credible idea worth looking into for free non polluting energy!
  • Jun 26 2013:

    Post this question there.


    No such thing as a stupid question.
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      Jun 26 2013: Really, John? There is no such thing as a stupid question? That would be a good post in the Debate section of TED. My wife, a school teacher, laughed uncontrollably and told me, "Yeah, that one!", when I asked her if there were any stupid questions. I'm NOT insinuating Daniel's question is stupid.
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      Jun 26 2013: I think the only stupid questions are the ones you know the answer to. Just for my couple of pennies.