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Should weed be legalized?

We are recently encountering the opposition as well as a complete acceptance of weed such as: ( Marijuana, THC etc...). What is your justification as for bieng against or with it?


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    Jun 26 2013: Marijuana has caused no deaths directly,as per my knowledge. Accidents under its heavy influence do not count as death by weed btw. So, its generally safer than alcohol or tobacco,etc.

    I think it should be legalized as it is truthfully a better recreation as opposed to alcohol or other psychedelic substances.
    Furthermore, it is not addictive.Marijuana does not impair your ability to drive as much as alcohol, however operating machinery driving and using power tools isn't a good idea while using the plant.Marijuana does not cause cancer. Teenagers will try marijuana no matter what you do. Teen has a better chance of dying from alcohol or becoming pregnant then they do messing up their lives form marijuana. Marijuana does not kill brain cells, it only blocks receptors unlike alcohol. Cigarettes have more carcinogens than THC. Also, There is no supporting evidence to date that shows drug prevention is working. So far it seems to only increase curiosity. According to the NIDA, 1 in 6, 10th grades use marijuana, 1 in 4 seniors of high school students use marijuana.

    Marijuana, despite what you heard, is a lot of fun. And it brings people together. When you're smoking it even with a group a unknown people, you will bond with them in minutes and you don't forget about it unlike alcohol.

    I say,legalize it instead of keeping people under pressure while everyone is trying out weed. Its sorta like pornography, although its not for people under the age of 18, I bet everyone has seen porn before they turn 18.

    LEGALIZE THIS SHIT. 420 Blz it fgt.

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