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Should Germany introduce English as second official language? (like e.g. Canada)

Since the breakdown of the Berlin Wall in 1990, Germany has been undergone a tremendous transition due to globalization. In less than 20 years, Germany has turned from a homogeneous into a Multi-Culti society with about 20% of people (15 Mio) with immigration background.

Among various global impacts; many Germans complain about "Denglish" (Mix up German with English words) and want to return to pure spoken German.

However is language actually not more than just an artificial construct with the actual purpose of communication?

Shouldn't we introduce English as second official language to increase global communication?

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    Jun 26 2013: Since neither of them is any longer rising in global stature why not have England and the USA introduce German as their second "official" artificial construct for communication?
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    Jun 26 2013: Not being an expert, what I know is German is a strong language with long heritage of literature, philosophy , science etc. though its not my call rather its the matter for German people to decide , even then just curious to know your riposte to have second language ? If it is for business reason whether officially make it official or not does not matter it will have its place.

    About your point of "Denglish" from naive knowledge I know the language that has the capability of taking words from other languages are considered more vibrant and lives long. You can check origin of many English word that has got roots in French, Latin, Greek even German may be , but that mix didn't force English language to renamed something like " frenchlish / latinish" :)