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What is treasonable?

In light of the recent charge of treason being levied on Snowden, I would ask what is justifiably treasonable vs. freedom of citizen information? How does the charge of treason in this case compare to say, George Bush Jr., who brought a whole nation to war based on his selected information and thus causing the deaths of tens of thousands of our citizens?


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    Jun 28 2013: If an act of treason if justifiable,then it is not a treason. The truth is both cases can be reasonable,namely lots of excuse,it's the power that defines an act,therefore brings out the consequences.

    In Bush's case,he and the power behind him is the government,they are the ones dominating the affairs,they create rules,they interpret the laws.In this world,power seems has been caged in democracy,but power is the ultimate strength,which can turn black to white.

    Conversely,Snowden is an ordinary intelligence employee,his act in the way of its damage,is far less than Bush did,nevertheless,he can not make his voices being justly heard,the government officials enforce the law against him.

    In this world,there is no 100% justice.

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