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What is treasonable?

In light of the recent charge of treason being levied on Snowden, I would ask what is justifiably treasonable vs. freedom of citizen information? How does the charge of treason in this case compare to say, George Bush Jr., who brought a whole nation to war based on his selected information and thus causing the deaths of tens of thousands of our citizens?


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    Jun 26 2013: Naturally I think nothing should be considered treasonable - a crime should be just that. The term treason implies a crime that undermines the offender's government. Here people mistake government for the people - if the Snowden exposure achieved anything is dispelling that myth. He did what he did for the people and yet the government want him for exposing their operations to the people. If we can separate the state from the people then sedition would be an offence against the people and not the state; in which case NSA should answer for treason – not Snowden.
    • Jun 26 2013: According to my understanding of the defintions for treason and crime: in democracies crimes are more against one or more individuals whereas treason applies to crimes against one's government. This can be very different in countries ruled by a monarchy or plutocracy where the "people" cannot be interchaged with the "rulers".

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