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About science....

Science today have a word to say in everything , many put their belief only in science , is it wrong , or it is something good?
How can we distinguish between the scientific facts and what seems to be a scientific facts ?
What are the limits of science?
Is made up science only from facts?
Why do we respect more the people who are scientists ?
Should we pay attention to the personal opinions of scientists?

Feel free to say anything about this subject.............

This is a post from a conversation which we have had here:
"so the pure science is made up only from facts ,what is theory, interpetation in science rest on this facts, from here I think is corect to say that the evolution theory isn't science but is an interpetation of science , it is a model in other words.............good, very good....... being here we can talk about religion without claiming that when someone contradict the theory of evolution contradict necessarly what's say science .................And everyone is welcomed to say everything if he agree with it about the relation between science and religion."

Here's what another man have posted at this dabate :
"There are 3 major issues we are facing at this point in our history.
1-Climate change'
2-Overpopulation(how will we feed everyone?)
3-Renewable energy."
How could science help us to solve this problems?


Closing Statement from E G

Thank you all for your opinions expressed here on this conversation I hope that it helped you to see that everything is subject of debate and that you have to improve your thinking in order to make a point about what you believe because everything is reduced to believing .................. you, who have talked here have just proved it .

Thank you for your participation.

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    Apr 9 2011: I think it is good to keep a healthy balance, between your interest in what scientists have to say about a certain subject on one hand and just listening to your own inner voice (trusting your gut feeling or whatever word you want to use for making your own decisions) without asking somebody else on the other hand.

    This is a TED talk on this:

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      E G 10+

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      Apr 10 2011: Yes , I agree but any person have this inner voice? and everytime this inner voice say me what's good and right to follow?

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