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Global Warming Caused by Human Impact is Negligible

Global warming. The term evokes visions of scorching global temperatures, droughts of biblical proportions, deserts forming on an epic scale, and death for mankind. And yet synonymous with the term is that humans are solely responsible for this cataclysm. But is this really the case? The fact is, most people are simply not well enough informed on the subject or have not looked closely at the historical evidence. They are simply left to being persuaded by the negative dogma surrounding the subject that is being perpetuated by those with their own political agendas.....sorry Mr. Gore. The earth is a very dynamic planet, sure it may seem very static and unwavering, but you must think beyond your frame of reference. Our short lives are very insignificant compared to the life cycle of the earth. Ice core data taken from Antarctica reveal that for as long as the records go back, nearly 800,000 years, that the earth has experienced a cyclic pattern or warming and cooling that revolves on a 100,000 year cycle. We are currently in what is known as an interglacial period which is why the glaciers are receeding. In fact, they have been receeding for at least the last 15,000 years, well before human influence and the burning of fossil fuels. Accordng to the latest core samples taken from the sea floor under the Antarctic ice shelf, the glaciers have to melt much more to return to levels that were seen in previous interglacial periods. In February 2013, global warming activists were stunned by the retreat of one of their former UN scientists. Top Swedish Climate Scientist Dr. Lennart Bengtsson, formerly of the UN IPCC, declared CO2”s “heating effect is logarithmic: the higher the concentration is, the smaller the effect of a further increase.” So let us try and mitigate our influence upon the earth the best we can, but most importantly, we need to accept that the earth's climate does and will change. Let us prepare for how we will deal with these natural changes when they occur

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    Jun 26 2013: Hello. Lets assume climate change isn't occuring faster than it should. Lets assume that the CO2 released on a daily basis by billions of cars, buses, factories, etc. just find a valve and escape into outer space. Does the same happen with cancerigenous substances also massively released by humans into waters, into the air we breathe, into food?

    The only problem resulting from human activity isn't faster global warming - which means, at first, that many places on earth will become inhabitable - pollution is itself a problem - an imediate public health enemy number one. Everybody speaks about a miraculous cure for cancer, for example, but none would dare to speak as loud about how much pollution propiciates the denvelopment of cancer and other deseases...

    Also a thing worth letting you know about climate change is that is an exponential phenomenon. And much of that because of certain humans. Let us see:

    The more trees are cut the less carbon is offset, the more carbon stays on the atmosfere, the warmer it gets more ice sheets melt, it gets warmer, more air conditioning, more pollution, warmer, more deserts, less plants, less carbon off setting.... There are many more factors feeding the phenomena and feeding each other.

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