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As we enter the culture within a school to motivate their students and employees?

Cultural Director Sorority am in my school and would like to analyze the way to be considered correct by most people regarding the inclusion of culture in school. I believe that events and lectures can be a good way, but is there something more innovative ?

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    Apr 10 2011: Things like lectures and events are sort of tacked on to the surface of an existing environment. In order for the value of a culture to be taken seriously, and appreciated at a deeper level, the different cultures must be embedded in the environment. The menu, the interior decor, the topics covered in classes, holidays acknowledged, classroom lessons/project choices, and so on are all ways to weave different cultures into the fabric of the school. You must also train teachers to develop and model sincere appreciation of aspects of different cultures.
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    Apr 9 2011: i dont support cutlure, it seems to place limits on people and hides truth. i think students should be treated for exactly who they are and percieve to be, not from where they may be from, or there parents be from, or the generalization of those people in those places from where they are from. Remove culture and alow true original human expression, and be truely innovative

    BUT if a student wishes to express there culture, go for it
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      Apr 10 2011: You seem to only be reflecting on the negative side of the coin with respect to culture. Ignoring the role cultural values and traditions can play in our formation and education would also place unnecessary limits on people and hide certain truths.

      Teaching people about cultures should include meaningful reflection on the ways generalizations are and are not true. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. :-D