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Living under the ground with an above ground mechanical farm or just living under farmed land.

The other day I wondered if it would be possible to buy an acre of land off of a farmer and put my house under his farm land. It might require a personal waste scrubbing system but any waste could then be used to irrigate and fertilize the land. Today I expanded on the idea into buying any piece of land and then using some mechanical planter/harvester. That enables you to use any of the farmed land for food for the family.

  • Jun 26 2013: Why? It would cost so mus more to build that way. Why farmland? Most land is most appropriate for raising livestock. Maybe putting your house on stilts would be so much cheaper than the original ideals. I've not seen that done on the range I assume it costs more than the normal way. Maybe the most environmental solution is small houses and even better apartments.