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Should TED be used as a forum for current or past politicians? And does this talk go beyond a defence of Papandreou's premiership?

One comment below this talk mentions 'political cover': the implication that Papandreou is using TED to justify action/inaction during his premiership. So, is TED a political forum, even after the fact? Should it be?

Converely, when Al Gore spoke at TED, he presented a laudable lifelong passion for global eco-system. He offered a perspective full of solutions, opportunity, around themes linked to Technology, Entertainment and Design.

Did other TED fans hear a defence of Papandreou's time in office, some abstract ideas, and a call for more Europe (note Papandreou has been part of a committee to 'brand' 'more Europe' - one which includes former Prime Minister Blair and other former European leaders). Or was there a vision for the future? Something tangible - a plan? some practical ideas to develop a genuine democratic mandate for European governance? Was there any policy suggested? What are your thoughts?

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    Jun 26 2013: My opinion: TED means 'Technology, Entertainment, Design'. Topics about those 3 areas are adequate to it. It's easy. But, if somebody wishes to talk about different matters, and anybody wants to collaborate, then, why not to?
  • Jun 26 2013: I am not much interested in politics, so I didn't view the video.

    We all have that choice.
    • Jun 26 2013: I can understand! I hate 'politics' -- but I'm in Greece now. Politics affects tax, insurance/medical contributions, whether buses run, if I can start a business or not (Greece makes this very very hard financially and bureaucratically). Unemployment is rife.

      All of these problems have come out of a politics of 'vote for me, I have a BIG credit card and I'll create jobs for you all!'. Easy to reject the whole field of politics ... but when there is a mess, someone has to clean it up or at least stop making it worse! When you're effectively paying 40%+ tax on all of your earnings, you become interested in politics.