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In appreciation of Lesley Hazleton

"The only place appropriate for using the informal word 'Badass' in the TED community is when describing Lesley Hazleton."

Read the sentence above and state your view on the matter. Use examples from the talk above. Bonus Points are awarded to TEDdies who use split infinitives.

(See related debate :" Which TED speakers are actually Marvel Characters in disguise?"
also: "Which TED speaker is Batman?")


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  • Jun 25 2013: Dear Dear TEDies,
    Thank you taking the time to write a reply. However, I would like to point out two things:
    1) Try not to hate too much here. We have enough hate and anger swilling around outside.
    2) Edward Long gets a bonus point! "(to) proudly wear the label". Good job Edward! Your split infinitives are cool.
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      Jun 25 2013: Thank you sir. Hidden between "you" and "either" is the sign "to". It serves both verbs ("list" and "wear"). At the risk of sounding certain, and not wanting to be labeled a Fundamentalist Grammarian Zealot, I hereby disavow any sense of certainty about the appropriateness of my use of infinitives, and, further, I hereby confirm having some doubts.

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