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In appreciation of Lesley Hazleton

"The only place appropriate for using the informal word 'Badass' in the TED community is when describing Lesley Hazleton."

Read the sentence above and state your view on the matter. Use examples from the talk above. Bonus Points are awarded to TEDdies who use split infinitives.

(See related debate :" Which TED speakers are actually Marvel Characters in disguise?"
also: "Which TED speaker is Batman?")


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  • R S

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    Jun 25 2013: Because, of course, we don't get enough people committing the No True Scotsmen fallacy, or using the word "faith" as if it referred to one thing alone, when she's talking about completely different concepts, in different fields of human experience?

    Yes. Kudos on preaching lukewarm woo, Lesley. Kudos on your lack of originality, too! I too have faith that many more will say the exact same nonsense you have, and people will applaud.

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