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TED should one day, in some way, be involved in politics.

It has been said time and time again that politicians are the worst kind of people we could choose to run our countries, partially because they have a direct interest in becoming politicians.
The people speaking at TED however are mainly pioneers and/or leaders in their respective field. They are uninterested in being voted for, yet have so many valuable things to say from a philosophical and economical point of view. Therefore my question to you is...
How could the people speaking at TED have a more direct influence on a country's government in the future? What if ideas presented at TED could be voted upon, and then integrated in a legal framework (wherever applicable)?


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  • Jun 25 2013: No. No No No. No. No . No No No No No.No. No No No. No. No . No No No No No.

    What? Why?
    TED is an organisation. It is run by those vague smiley people who we sometimes see at the end of talks. I think. Is it?
    There is too much uncertainty regarding what TED is. All we know for sure is that someone chooses very intelligent people to give talks to very rich people, and then shares those talks with very grateful people on the Web.
    Which of the people in the previous sentence are "TED" ? The core idea behind TED is truth, and while politics can be a very clear and direct business, it is currently sterile from outside "dirty" influences and I honestly believe it should stay that way. All political parties are bias- that is the point of having a point of view. The truth, however, is not bias. That is why TED and politics should not mix.
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      Jun 26 2013: What Leo said

      TED is comprised of some glib people who have no idea how to...

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