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TED should one day, in some way, be involved in politics.

It has been said time and time again that politicians are the worst kind of people we could choose to run our countries, partially because they have a direct interest in becoming politicians.
The people speaking at TED however are mainly pioneers and/or leaders in their respective field. They are uninterested in being voted for, yet have so many valuable things to say from a philosophical and economical point of view. Therefore my question to you is...
How could the people speaking at TED have a more direct influence on a country's government in the future? What if ideas presented at TED could be voted upon, and then integrated in a legal framework (wherever applicable)?


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    Jun 25 2013: Uhh... they could run for government?
    They could start their own political parties or social movements?

    They could...become politicians? Oh. Wait. That was supposed to be bad, right?
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      Jun 25 2013: That's what I did... I'm still a good guy (I think).
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        Jun 25 2013: According to the OP, politicians are the worst kinds of people.
        So, if by "that's what I did" you mean you've gone political, then, according to the OP, you're the worst kind of person.

        Sorry, but your reply's too vague. Also:
        You're a human being. That doesn't make you neither good, nor evil. You just are. You do some stuff that can be considered good, and some that can be considered bad, and a lot of that's quite neutral.
        I'm not saying you're bad or evil, however, it's gonna take more than your confirmation biases wrapped up in 7 words for your statement about your own moral self worth to be validated.
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          Jun 25 2013: My statement can never be validated as it is subjective. I don't like labeling in Good - Bad either but I thought that we were speaking generally since you wrote "Oh. Wait. That was supposed to be bad, right?"

          And my vague comment seems to have been enough for you to understand it, or guess in the right direction.

          My comment wasn't meant to "prove" that I'm a good guy. I made it to show that there are TEDsters who've gone from seeing all the great ideas that are out there and wanting to implement them so much that they're actually prepared to become the thing they (and so many others) hate, just to be able to change so things for the better.

          All I meant to say was "I'm doing it, so can you (please come and help)"
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        Jun 25 2013: Jimmy:
        So, you don't like the labels, but still use them, huh?

        And, if you wanna say: "Please come and help," then the best way to say that would be "Please come and help."

        I know politicians use doublespeak, but, really, you don't have to in this case.
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          Jun 25 2013: Well yeah. So do you... We're not infallible but we can be aware and try to adjust our behaviour as much as we can.

          You are the one who seems to forget that I'm human and that I choose to try to affect my environment by not only writing to every official about just about anything and then not getting any replies.
          Do you walk up to someone you wish to have sex with and say "I wish to have sex with you!" or do you start with something different? That's what I did here.

          I've tried the "please, PLEASE COME HELP!!!" to all my friends that share my viewpoint for the past 1.5 years and it hasn't worked at all.
          However when you say " Okay I'm off to try to save the *****" people react and want to know more and help.

          But hey, if you're interested in helping the people reclaim power over our politics you're welcome to join the Conversation on E2D politics, I've left a link in another comment a bit above (leaving it again seems to self-promotional).
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        Jun 25 2013: Jimmy, are you saying politicians fuck people over?
        And, on that note, this convo's done.

        Whatever works for you.
        You're sitting down in front of a computer screen where you can take the time to think out your replies. If you acknowledge you're fallible, then, you should try to correct for that.
        'cause, otherwise, the message is too jumbled, and that doesn't inspire trust. It merely sounds like every other politician out there, which doesn't make for good advertising.

        Again, have a good one!
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          Jun 25 2013: I'm going to reply to your question.

          I did not say that but it's mostly true, everybody knows this. Few understand the real reasons.

          Okay, take it easy.

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