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TED should one day, in some way, be involved in politics.

It has been said time and time again that politicians are the worst kind of people we could choose to run our countries, partially because they have a direct interest in becoming politicians.
The people speaking at TED however are mainly pioneers and/or leaders in their respective field. They are uninterested in being voted for, yet have so many valuable things to say from a philosophical and economical point of view. Therefore my question to you is...
How could the people speaking at TED have a more direct influence on a country's government in the future? What if ideas presented at TED could be voted upon, and then integrated in a legal framework (wherever applicable)?


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    Jun 24 2013: Dear Vlad Emil,
    When TED remains true to TED, and continues on growing, being and doing as TED.... some day....and in all ways....TED will cure Humanity of its diseases.
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      Jun 25 2013: Should we begin tithing now to the cult of TED?
      Get in on the ground floor, as it were?
      Funny. Humanity's been improving since before there was a TED. So, TED won't be shouldering this messianic responsibility on its own.
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      Jun 25 2013: Juliette,

      I once thought as you do, however I'm not so sure anymore. Nowadays I mostly think of TED as a hub (a Youtube if you will) for great ideas, not a very good place to execute them.

      TED does not provide the structure for this kind of changes (or has at least shown no signs in the past) or if they do it's at a pace that won't help us much in the long run.

      TED - Ideas worth spreading, has shown no real agenda of curing the world. It's simply a place where great ideas come and meet, then they go somewhere else to snuggle and build a family.

      And on one hand we have the predominant lefties (the community) vs the righties (the funders) who are probably pulling TED in all directions at the same time...

      Well, I think my hopes for TED were once way too high when it came to actually doing the ideas of facilitating the platforms for doing it.

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