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How would you feel if the government carried out a serious ban on guns?

Here in China, the government doesn't allow the free gun sales and the man who want to have his gun (usully for protecting the forest or animals) legally must have the arm licence which is also hard to obtain.
But I hear about that in many other countries ,any adult can buy guns freely just as biscuits.But as you all know, terrible shooting accidents are happening now and then.
Does your government start to draw out decrees over gun control or gun ban?How do you feel if the government carry it out seriously? I just want to know your true feeling without any offence.Thank you!


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  • Jun 30 2013: God if I only had 2 hours to shoot down each and every word of that rant. Living in fear? I also wear a seatbelt, is that fear? I feel safe with my .38 on my side sure. Based on you, I should learn martial arts, and use mind over matter. In Texas we have a 'stand your ground' law that doesn't require us to "use our brains" to flee from a situation. Gun owners aren't paranid, we're just prepared. Some of us started out as Boy Scouts and we learn a certain motto: "Be Prepared". About attracting trouble, that's why Texas has "concealed" carry permit. You aren't allowed to flash a gun. Criminals never know who's gonna be able to shoot back, so it cuts back on their ability to operate freely. But if a young thug throws a punch or a knife at an elderly person, the elderly doesn't have to "use their protoplasm" (according to you) to try to protect themselves or flee. You are precisely like someone who has won the lottery and goes around telling people how stupid they are to own gold or any other investment, because in your own experience you "know for sure" that simply buyingn lottery tickets is the best investment. Don't you see now small minded and arrogant that is? And YES it perfectly well applies, to your "luck" that you ever needed gun, unless you just have bodyguards with you all the time. I'm pretty sure you live alone too, because if you had children to protect, you might realize that "lack of fear" is no defence...and in dangerous circumstances being totally fearless can get you killed. So good luck with your admirable bravery. I certainly hope your luck holds out.

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