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How would you feel if the government carried out a serious ban on guns?

Here in China, the government doesn't allow the free gun sales and the man who want to have his gun (usully for protecting the forest or animals) legally must have the arm licence which is also hard to obtain.
But I hear about that in many other countries ,any adult can buy guns freely just as biscuits.But as you all know, terrible shooting accidents are happening now and then.
Does your government start to draw out decrees over gun control or gun ban?How do you feel if the government carry it out seriously? I just want to know your true feeling without any offence.Thank you!


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  • Jun 29 2013: Billy Zhang,
    The government should ban the research, development, manufacture and use of guns,
    and all weapons that kill and main humans and innocent animals.
    These are my true feelings.

    My feelings are not reality.
    They are but a dream. A dream --

    I was born into a time of war. As I grew I discovered that the government that
    I was taught to swear allegiance to each morning in a school room, was evil.

    It didn't take long to realize.
    I found out that the Sunday Funnies in the newspapers were propaganda
    for evil government. My Dad read my favorites, Terry and the Pirates,
    which became Terry and the Flying Tigers, and as the wars changed
    the P-57s became F80's and F86's, while the enemies changed from being
    Japs to Gooks. Evil government, supported by it's own evil news print media.

    I could take you all through the years and depict the changes in own evil government
    as they continue to do war year after year, never ending the killing and maiming of
    innocent men, women, and wee children. But, you folks don't want to hear about the
    bad things that need changing. It is so much easier to let it go. Have a cappuccino.

    The reality is --
    Our evil government is the world's leader in the manufacture and sales of
    deadly weapons, and deadly weapons of mass destruction. They provide
    deadly weapons to overthrow other evil governments that can then install
    new evil ones. A never ending story. Iraq is a fine example. Afghanistan too,
    and 50 more before and since WW2.

    Who gets the "spoils of war". Spoils are what wars are all about, --
    Who gets the Gold, Oil, Money? The answer is, -- Who financed the war,
    The Banks !!!

    There is no Trickle-Down. The evil government doesn't share spoils with you.

    So, if the evil government takes your guns, and has all the money already... hmmm
    Regardless of my feelings, you might want to hang on to your guns.
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      Jun 30 2013: Confronted with a world filled with undying wars, cold or hot, it seem that owning powerful weapons which threaten the peace is just the way to defend the peace. What a contadiction!
      How I wish that there would be no war around the world and maybe it's just impractical.
      Thank you for sharing your feeling with us, Frank!
      May God bless you!
      • Jun 30 2013: Billy, I fear writing this answer may not be practical.
        I wonder why, with the proliferation of so many nuclear weapons,
        the strongest government has not been challenged.

        Were I the head of the strongest government,
        I would reside in a bunker,
        a deep one.
        But then, I am proud to be a coward. lol

        The seat of any government is no match today for the weapons manufactured
        and sold on the world's war marketplace.

        Someone, some government, somewhere is bound to slip up and push a deadly
        button. After governments build and/acquire these mass killing machines, what
        do they do? Catch-22.
    • Jun 30 2013: Frank, there are two ways to deal with evil in the world. You can either go unarmed, and be a victim, or you can arm yourself and fight back. Bullets are a matter of physics and reality. You cannot fight them with hopes and dreams of a utopia. Once you become Neo from the Matrix you can control the world with your mind, and not need weapons. But in the real world, you need a gun to protect yourself from armed criminals. Wishing they didn't have anywhere to get guns is not going to help you or anyone else.
      • Jun 30 2013: Clay, First of all you are right. Keep your guns.
        They can be dangerous to innocents and wee children, but they are necessary.

        My motive is not utopia, but to let a little bit of light shine on evil.
        Evil does exist. We do not want to admit it. Far-fetched, but it exists.

        Wrap your mind around not a dream but a reality --
        Democrats and Republicans ( 2 parties sharing government )

        The DNC and RNC use paid psychologists to assess, understand and
        solve the problems of how to select and get a politician elected to office.
        Nothing illegal about that.

        Also using paid scientific research related to the manipulation of mental
        processes and behaviors of voters, and the controlling of the three media
        outlets, print, audio, and video, through payment to them of vast advertising
        dollars milked from unions, corporations, and individuals.
        Nothing illegal about that.

        Neo from the Matrix?
        NAW just the Democrats and Republicans sharing control of our evil government.
        Nothing illegal about that.
        Unless you consider the evil results.
        • Jun 30 2013: Yeah, our foundingn fathers tried to create a system to empower the citizenry and stop governments from being able to control people, and take away their rights. Yet, since 1776 the government has managed to control every aspect of our lives, tax everything that exists, and now it wants to disarm us completely (10 round mag IS complete disarming if you ask me), tell us how to act, even to the point of "thought crimes" (hate crimes), and spy on our every move. That's total powerlessness and control. Our founding fathers would be shocked at how our rights have been eroded over these 200 years.
    • Jun 30 2013: Frank I must agree with the fact that our government has lied swindled and killed to put money in the hands of the banks that fund them. War is good for Banks. because Governments begin taking loans out.
      courupt? yes which Is why the Rockefeller family made oil additives for Germany, during WWII. Their plans couldn't fly without the stuff. we made it they bought it. But taking a citizens gun away is no way to prevent war. infact.... it would give other countries an extra reason to invade. (not that I expect any invasions) But in the event that we we're invaded it wouldn't be a lousy 3.5 million man army they were facing (which is still smaller than the army Germany invaded Poland with) they would have 150 million armed citizens fighting on every street corner. fighting invaders every step of the way. Any country that de-arms their citizens has a sinister plan for their own people in the works.
      • Jun 30 2013: Zachariah, I agree with you fully.

        We all know our government is corrupt, in many many ways.
        Our government must know it also. But no one says a word.

        Now come the Whistle-Blowers. Our "well know to be corrupt"
        Washington DC leaders sic the dogs on them. But no one says a word.

        Other newspapers around the world pick up on the Whistle-Blower's
        agony. They tell what is happening, and only then do our own. controlled
        content. White House hand-out, newspapers start to bark.

        The Washington DC leaders can buy Ecuadorian support by giving
        monetary support in a number of ways. The pressure must be intense
        for Ecuador. Washington DC wants Assaunge also.

        A squeak is heard yesterday from the Monterey Herald. Seems that the
        Defense Dept employees at the Presidio are being hindered in their use
        of the internet. This is not the first time. Restrictions of Websites they can
        visit, etc. Just like the Chinese. What in the world is going on?
        Will civilian Internet be restricted next?

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