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How would you feel if the government carried out a serious ban on guns?

Here in China, the government doesn't allow the free gun sales and the man who want to have his gun (usully for protecting the forest or animals) legally must have the arm licence which is also hard to obtain.
But I hear about that in many other countries ,any adult can buy guns freely just as biscuits.But as you all know, terrible shooting accidents are happening now and then.
Does your government start to draw out decrees over gun control or gun ban?How do you feel if the government carry it out seriously? I just want to know your true feeling without any offence.Thank you!


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  • Gar K

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    Jun 28 2013: There are very extreme and polarized views on this issue, particularly in the U.S. Many of us from other places such as Canada, Europe, and Japan, where we have murder and violent crime rates that are much lower than the U.S., and where we also all have stricter gun control, find the whole issue bizarre--why would anyone want to have a gun, unless for sport or hunting? If anything, I think most of us in these non-American countries feel even more "free" than most Americans: free in terms of speech, belief, etc. and also free to walk safely in our own neighbourhoods!

    But when people have had something for a long time, it is human nature that they absolutely do not like having that thing taken away! For example, many smokers in past decades have taken great offense to laws which limit their access to cigarettes, impose higher taxes on their habit, and limit the places where they are allowed to smoke. Yet over a few decades this had led to much lower rates of smoking, and we're all better off for it, with few arguments from anyone.

    The issue of guns in the U.S. I think has become emblematic of the issue of personal, individual freedom and security. It may seem puzzling to the gun advocates out there that the prevalence of guns actually reduces individual freedom and security!

    As with so many questions of this type, though, the only rational way to convince people definitively would be to do a prospective trial of much stricter gun control, and observe that there would be no deterioration in rights or freedoms. Most likely in the U.S. I think this would lead to a small but significant reduction in violent crime, particularly mass killings of innocent strangers. The U.S. murder rate would still probably be quite a bit higher than other western countries, even after instituting strict gun control, because there are a variety of other social problems in the U.S. which cause their crime rate to be higher.
    • Jun 28 2013: Why would anyone want to have a gun .. unless for hunting or sport? Well, my friend .. criminals like to have guns to help them be more efficient criminals. When committing crimes, these people sometimes choose easy targets which are less likely to fight back or generally risk turning the tables on them .. and use said gun (almost certainly a handgun) to rob/rape/kill their victims. That's one reason people want to have guns .. they're criminals. People like this acquire their weapons illegally due to the lack of a paper trail. Gun control will have little to no affect on this.

      Your comparison to Canada and Europe is poor and short-sighted btw. America is the 3rd largest nation on the planet population-wise. We also have very little protection on ANY of our borders or shores. Crime is going to exist because human nature is unavoidable. If guns were gone from the face of the earth, humans would wage bloody war with the next most efficient weapons. They'd rob and kill with the next best thing .. period.

      Another reason people want to have guns is to protect themselves from criminals and general threats more effectively. I don't care HOW MUCH of an idealist you are .. guns exist in this world and they will CONTINUE to exist. Since they are the most effective weapon for individuals wanting to KILL .. they will be sought after by criminals until something better is available. Therefore, people whom wish to NOT be EASY victims to violent crimes are wise to invest in a defensive firearm to protect their lives, homes, and freedoms.

      You can arm yourself with a baseball bat or a knife incase of a home invasion .. but .. you ever heard the saying "NEVER bring a knife to a gunfight?" .. yeah .. that's what you'd be doing. I support you in your choice to be an idealist and put yourself and your family at risk .. and telling me that I should also put myself in a compromising position thanks to the actions of a few madmen. However your views would get many killed.
      • Jun 30 2013: Steven: without disagreeing with any of your points, you might be interested to know the "positives" about guns. Take the Police: their guns are not there to "kill", as if they were an Army, but to protect. And Historically, guns put an end to the feudal system, where expensive armor and horses enabled a Mafia culture to thrive for hundreds of years, until guns, among other things, put an end to it.
    • Jun 28 2013: I'm sure it's nice living in an idealist land of rainbows and unicorns .. but if you'd care to step into the real world .. you'll find the vast majority of guns used in murders are stolen handguns and wielded by people with obvious criminal tendencies. If you really think someone LIKELY to go on a MASS RAMPAGE will actually walk into a gun store, pay MUCH higher prices than they could buying illegally, and actually ASK THE ATF FOR PERMISSION to buy the gun (signing their name/address/social security number/etc on paper) and subsequently go on their rampage .. you'd have to be preeeetty darn delusional. Criminals don't want paper trails .. they don't usually wield the firearms everyone wants to ban either. 5 shot .38 revolvers are the #1 choice actually .. purchased on the street with no exchange of information .. just a small amount of money.

      While it'd be nice if we lived in a world where your kind of fantasy land idealism is useful .. the presence of firearms in the hands of a person who isn't a criminal (most) actually DOES increase individual freedom and security. It boils down to .. if someone kicks down your door at night and ties your entire family up .. you've just had your freedom stripped. When they're preparing to execute you .. bye-bye security. It's not going to happen, right? I'm sure none of the TENS OF THOUSANDS of people living in Chicago over the years who have been murdered by guns there since 2002 thought that either.
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      Jun 28 2013: That is murder and violent crime rate by use of firearms. I have been to European football games and Americans are the least violent of all the major nations in that arena.
    • Jun 30 2013: Gar This is a culture thing. I mean the happiest places on the earth last year was 94% white. and the second happiest.... Wait lets use this other chart that includes third world. the top 5 countries (on happinest chart) are 90% or more single race cultures. ..... infact..... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Planet_Index I believe everything in green is 90% or more single culture countries.So please... So blame our 76/24 split its hard being the melding pot of the world. Canada HA 92% of the citizens claim similar heritage

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