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How would you feel if the government carried out a serious ban on guns?

Here in China, the government doesn't allow the free gun sales and the man who want to have his gun (usully for protecting the forest or animals) legally must have the arm licence which is also hard to obtain.
But I hear about that in many other countries ,any adult can buy guns freely just as biscuits.But as you all know, terrible shooting accidents are happening now and then.
Does your government start to draw out decrees over gun control or gun ban?How do you feel if the government carry it out seriously? I just want to know your true feeling without any offence.Thank you!


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  • Jun 28 2013: Our leadership is elected by the people to serve for the people .. and nothing about their actions in QUITE some time has indicated having any REAL interest in working for us. You'll find we have very few real choices and only the most privileged even having an outside shot at winning a seat on Capitol Hill. Our founders did not intend our government to become so expansive it can't be controlled. They didn't intend our government to pass so many laws that even the most elite law experts in America have shown pretty much EVERY AMERICAN unknowingly violates at LEAST ONE law which could get them FELONY CHARGES .. and in pretty much every case ..could violate that law in front of an experienced police officer or federal agent and .. said LE likely wouldn't have a clue a law was broken .. much less a felony.

    What we have here is a RELATIVELY SMALL GROUP of idealists and hypocrites who have perpetually inhabited the most important offices surrounding the Washington Mall in DC (Capitol Hill/Supreme Court/White House) for well over 100 years now. It's very common for people on both "sides" to look back on presidents and feel they didn't deliver on many promises. Pretty apparent to me it's because party lines only serve to divide and they're fairly irrelevant once these politicians are actually occupying their new positions of undeserved power.

    Looking back at the disastrous presidency that was the BUSH ADMINISTRATION, it's clear there was absolutely no regard for the constitution during that time. On both sides, there was no resistance to the start of two major wars. Once our soldiers were firmly entrenched in the sand, the left decided to backtrack and TALK about love and peace as always .. but in the end .. both parties tend to BEHAVE in nearly identical ways. You'll find the primary difference between Bush and Obama is MAILY their rhetoric. Empty words and promises .. each side playing to their base's HEARTS/MINDS but their actions are what matters, folks. Identical.

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