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How would you feel if the government carried out a serious ban on guns?

Here in China, the government doesn't allow the free gun sales and the man who want to have his gun (usully for protecting the forest or animals) legally must have the arm licence which is also hard to obtain.
But I hear about that in many other countries ,any adult can buy guns freely just as biscuits.But as you all know, terrible shooting accidents are happening now and then.
Does your government start to draw out decrees over gun control or gun ban?How do you feel if the government carry it out seriously? I just want to know your true feeling without any offence.Thank you!


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    Jun 25 2013: I have often heard that the homicide rate in the British Commonwealth committed by firearms was extremely low due to the fact that most commonwealth countries have very restrictive laws on the ownership of firearms by its citizens. Which begs the point... What is the preferred tool to use when a Brit wants to top off another?
    • Jun 25 2013: hahaha, I'm British myself and all I can think of are cartoon style methods involving a cup of tea . . . I just stereotyped myself . . .

      But joking aside, I've never known anyone personally whos ever been topped off, but I'm guessing knifes would be involved??
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          Jun 25 2013: There goes my appreciation of the 'Jack the Ripper" stories.
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        Jun 26 2013: OK, You Win...
        But, most of your lower crime rates i think, is due to your police forces. They are good and there are a lot of them. Except for New York City, most major American cities are low in the numbers and the justice system is wholly overwhelmed.
        The sad part of the story is that if there were the restrictions here that you have there,and all the legally held guns were turned in... The homicide rate would not be so much lower, less then 10%.
        i don't know how you would get criminals to turn in their illegal weapons.
      • Jun 27 2013: Yes, I am sure those ladies are glad they were slashed to death rather than shot.

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