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How would you feel if the government carried out a serious ban on guns?

Here in China, the government doesn't allow the free gun sales and the man who want to have his gun (usully for protecting the forest or animals) legally must have the arm licence which is also hard to obtain.
But I hear about that in many other countries ,any adult can buy guns freely just as biscuits.But as you all know, terrible shooting accidents are happening now and then.
Does your government start to draw out decrees over gun control or gun ban?How do you feel if the government carry it out seriously? I just want to know your true feeling without any offence.Thank you!


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    Jun 24 2013: G'day Billy

    We already have serious gun bands in Australia, by the sounds of it in line with China. Did I like the gun bands? No as they went way too far with them however I never really liked guns anyway even though I knew how to load & fire a gun by the time I was seven yrs old but these new gun laws weren’t made from common sense but stupidity .

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      Jun 25 2013: Thank you for the input, Mathew.
      I once thought that in Australia, people could also buy guns freely.I have learned a lot from your input.MANY THANKS!
      I want to know that in the past, could adults in Australia buy guns freely? If so, how the governmnet do to deal with the guns people already have at home? If not, what about the public's attitude toward guns?
      Look forward to your reply.Thanks!
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        Jun 25 2013: G'day Billy

        Rifles were quite obtainable however side arms/pistols were a little harder to purchase but not as hard as it is now.

        They just made it unlawful to own a gun without a proper need for a gun like shooting feral animals for instance & even then the gun laws prohibited ownership of guns unless you went through stringent processes like resubmitting for a new licence plus any one with a gun had to belong to a gun club.

        My step daughter shoots for Australia in IPSC using a 9mm pistol but the laws are very stringent & costly. She's world champ at the moment.


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