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What does it mean to be human?

As a College professor, I start the first day of every class by asking my students this question. Needless to say, they do not know how to answer it, even though they have previously had psychology and philosophy courses prior to the Junior/Senior classes that I typically teach.

So, if students do not know how to answer this question right away, then my next question is, do the rest of us know how to answer this question right away or would it require some reflection?

Or, does anyone really care?

I am sure that it has different meaning for different people but would it also have different meanings for different cultures?

Does being human mean some different in Christianity than it does for Muslims or people of the Jewish faith or agnostics for that matter?

Do we need to prove that we exist in order to answer this question? And, while you are pondering this one, let me explain: I am talking about "I think therefore I am," but is this life "real" or is this life a metaphor for the life that we will all be experiencing after death? If this life therefore is not real, does it matter that we exist and furthermore, does being human have any meaning at all?

Are we human because we oftentimes do not practice what we preach?

Are we human because we can skillfully put down the thoughts and comments of others?

Are we human because we are arrogant or wealthy although I see the two as mutually exclusive myself?

Are we human because we have faith and hypocritically live out that faith in our daily lives?

Are we human because we are a racist and have found clever ways to hide why we feel that way?

Are we human because we have cheated on our spouses?

Are we human because we like to engage in wars all over the globe so that we can prove we are better than others, or stronger... while really wanting to impose our way of life on them?

Are we human because we cannot accept cultural diversity as the new norm?

What are your thoughts as to what it means to be human?


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  • Jul 4 2013: I hear your friend I dont expect anyone to get into a debate about the needs of animals This was just a spin of part of understanding the hole of who we are as humans In the said area of all things is inherently My core understanding is what I am I will try give you rhe short version Simplicity iz i (Me) I no myself better than any other question This being said I can easily say without getting into all aspects in tailed in humanity s understanding
    EVOLVING TIME CHANGE MIND So if all of us where honest in the simplicity of nowing what a human is
    I can say again that there is more you in me than me As I don't own my thoughts Just the part I add on to what whas given to be As like for exaple Your words evoked me to wright of your understanding in return to a question
    So my thoughts in these words came as mutch of you as me Hear lies the secret To be 1 iz to be nothing in its entirety But to be one of two iz be Freeing If thouw aware of the question the bridge iz there to be crossed
    We of reflections looking back at you All things lead of 1 (YOU) A road map to understanding me
    The more you no the quicker we get the
    Data saved on a round table May B rOund But still flat
    To APIFINATE Volume iz not of the question

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