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Computer engineers,and technicians are not qualified to conceptualize or design systems that emulate individual human behavior.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing in engineering or computer programming education that prepares for accurate emulation of human cognition, behavior, human-computer interface, or human to human interface.


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  • Jul 3 2013: You say, "I still have the unsolved puzzle of how to achieve that kind of user's data retrieval on a business software interface running on a personal computer, however your example gave me an idea, I need to do a lot of thinking first but maybe I found the key."
    While I admire your positive attitude, and with all due respect, I do not believe that you have "the key", George.
    You say, "...what is you opinion about gamification applied to business software? would it be a good idea to incorporate game elements to business software interfaces, in therms of user performance?"
    Most of my career as training manager and instructional designer was in support of what is commonly referred to as "critical skills", where failure of the trained could result in loss of life, severe injury, and/or considerable organization risk. I am a big proponent of simulations as learning devices and not necessarily ones employing complex control panels, but even those that include individuals, interpersonal effectiveness, team building, and etc. These are games complete with very sophisticated challenges, and severe individual and organziational risks. Gamification offers many advantages, it is at least, in many cases, at least a step toward acknowledging individual knowledge, skills, and attributes, as fundamental as they exist at the hands of engineers and programmers.
    • Jul 3 2013: As always you response is very complete, thanks again, but you leave me with a doubt: in your opinion and experience, the responsibility of evaluating the user's performance belongs to the user interface or to the application itself? and why?

      If you are right and like you say: "this is far outside of the programmer's or engineer's set of knowledge and skills", then there are some unanswered questions : where to start? how reliable are the most obvious sources of information? are there some practical examples out there that can be used to learn?

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