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Computer engineers,and technicians are not qualified to conceptualize or design systems that emulate individual human behavior.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing in engineering or computer programming education that prepares for accurate emulation of human cognition, behavior, human-computer interface, or human to human interface.


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  • Jun 24 2013: Let's just use your example. In current setup of a coal fired generation plant what kind of workers and supervisors do they hire for process control and crisis prevention decision-making. I understand that most of them are engineers or technicians trained in the field of power plant operation. Am I wrong?
    If you are saying that these employees need additional training by psychologist, that's fine with me. But I do not particularly think that's necessary. Like the Japanese nuclear plant disaster, the decisions made by the management and the government bureaucrats hadn't done better than the engineers and technical supervisors at all. (probably the management did even impede the in-plant decisions for sake of salvage of the remaining reactors).
    Here you are. You may criticize the current industrial system, but at least it is currently the "normal" operation model.

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