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Computer engineers,and technicians are not qualified to conceptualize or design systems that emulate individual human behavior.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing in engineering or computer programming education that prepares for accurate emulation of human cognition, behavior, human-computer interface, or human to human interface.


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  • Jun 24 2013: What you implicitly saying is that computer engineers and programmers are incapable of design a computer system based on AI, mimic human cognitive behavior. First, we must clarify what is the kind of behavior you are talking about. At the present time, most of the robots and automatic machines function as a server, which takes a command and perform a given task. No deviation in this task is allowed. If we continue along this path, we may be able to let the robots to make a judgment to act in SEVERAL DEFINED ALTERNATIVES assigned by the software designers. The situation like the Abu Ghraib prison guards will never occur if the robots are programmed to act under certain given moral principles, such as part of the Ten Commandments.
    Let me comment on your specific statements and the referenced talk by Zimbardo. Zimbardo's discussion on the Abu Ghraib case applies to modification of behavior by psychologist on some human (prison guards) "evil" behavior. But by human nature almost all of us are born with innate capability of part good and part evil thoughts of behavior. Here we need the interference or the assistance of psychologists to perform behavioral modification for future prevention of such incidence.
    But the computer simulation of such behavior patterns is completely different. Even when robots are given the choice in functions like "if this , then do that", the "do that" part should be strictly limited to well defined functions. And these functions can be restricted to prohibitions such as no killing, no harm, no lying, etc. to be built in the software. When your saying that computer engineer and programmer are not educated to built such principles into the software is an insult to our education system. First, the "brain" of the computer is blank without the evil thought to start with, thus no behavior modification needed. Morality is taught to the techies thru social/literature studies in K-12 classes, which is sufficient for such programming purposes.

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