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How can we talk to kids?

How many of us have (albeit inadvertently) asked a child, "What are you going to be when you grow up"? Admittedly, I have caught myself doing this.

It's a bizarre way of making small-talk with a child, isn't it?
"Having fun in the sandbox? That's a cool sandcastle... so tell me, kid, what is your ultimate goal in life?" This isn't an easy question for anyone to answer, let alone a 5-year-old.

To me, this question reinforces the way our system is put together - which is designed to mold children into consumers, so they will be instrumental in our economic growth. At the same time, it is a question that can help us understand what drives our kids, what they are passionate about, what their dreams are...

In this article, Jennifer Fulwiler proposes that we should altogether stop asking kids this question, as it "reinforces the idea that the way to find identity and value is through career" and "undermines the concept of vocation":

How can we talk with kids, encourage them to explore who they are, and get them excited about who they will become, without asking such a weighty question? How can we allow them to expand their imaginations, and let them know they are taken seriously at the same time? How can we differentiate things like a purpose in life, as opposed to a career, in a way that children can focus on and hopefully achieve their passions?


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    Jun 27 2013: At first glance, we wonder why a community would build here. But we see, it was out of necessity. Thank you for bringing this to the light.

    I was very broke at one time and was recording a soundtrack for some friends who wished to bring about a movie about the magic and variety of mystics/creation.... It was called Mystical Journey. I had hooked up with a recording studio and committed to spending the necessary money and wrote the song, in support of the offerings that would come of it, with a few high profiled individuals in Spiritual Community, involved... I was doing this as my gift, because one of the ladies involved was a reader from my store (Spiritual Gift) and had spent many long days supporting it with her offerings and being (almost like a staff, doing business if I had to slip out for anything, so no overhead costs for me), she arrived each day as scheduled despite traffic in mainstream malls. Any way, on with the story...

    The guy who owned the studio, arranged for a Celloist to come and assist with the recording, I was still not overly comfortable with the stage and also, recording studio's you must be brutally accurate!!! So he wished to soften and support the process....

    It was beautiful experience and the Celloist and I went out in Kayaks in a storm, neither of us afraid of death. Powerful place to be, if we had any fear, I'm sure we would have died. We did not even think twice about mistakes or waves... however the next day, a wave caught me standing on the beach and totally, let me know its power. OK, I said, got it.

    The richest woman in Japan is in Garbage recycle. These people find treasures, but do not have the ability to see anything different than daily living. This is the irony of our planet. Those with the info, get very, very rich, those without, stay in poverty. Can we help.... in small ways. My solution is bringing small tangibl groups together wit a variety of people to rub shoulders with...of course, one must be a maste

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