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Why we want every thing permanent in this temporary life ?

why we always try to achieve everything permanently for us ?
We all know what we will get will have to vanish someday because our life is not permanent.


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    Jun 24 2013: If we speak about not matherial things, because even real estate is not so permanent... For sure people don`t want sadness, pain or another adversities be permanent. None want permanent suffering. So we want permanent pleasure things, right? Because time flows too much quickly when we are happy. So it`s the question of percaption, deformation of senses. We feel happy time passed too quickly, and sadness time always too much long.
    So we want to make vice versa.

    They said, meditation turns everything in celebration, every minute turns in permanent happiness. I felt it several times but it`s not easy, nearly impossible, to stay at such state for a long time.
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      Jun 24 2013: i totally agree with Miss Anna and i respect your view.

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