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Can meditation help reduce Alzheimer's Disease?

Dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) are diseases of the brain (DOB). They basically degenerate the nerves, attack central nervous system, make people forgetful and ultimately make them loose their memory completely so that they cannot recognize even their near and dear ones. DOB are generally old age diseases which mostly happen after the age of 60-65 though in some cases they can start as early as 40-45.

Present estimates are that 50 million people worldwide above the age of 65 years suffer from these debilitating diseases.

Many studies done by scientists have shown that intellectually active adults suffer less from these diseases as they age. And one of the better ways to increase mental faculties is by meditation. It allows us to focus on a single subject for a long time and increases the concentration and hence mental sharpness. A small article on this theme is at; http://www.nariphaltan.org/DOB.pdf

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    Jun 24 2013: Have you done some research into the various sorts of mental activities that appear to be effective in reducing suffering from these degenerative diseases? I had thought that continuing to learn in a variety of areas including learning new physical skills such as dancing, learning languages, and exploring new ideas in areas in which one has had little experience are all positive activities for delaying or mitigating mental deterioration.
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      Jun 24 2013: Anything that allows you to focus your thoughts for a long time will help. That is meditation. The trick is to keep the interest high.

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        Jun 24 2013: Yes, the trick is to keep the interest high.

        I read that even if you do brain/mind activities daily......you should include a variety of things....new things.....not the same kind of puzzle always, so that it really engages the mind, and you do not get bored.

        With Parkinson's, for example, there are adult centers that provide movement classes.
        The adults sit in chairs, music is played, and the instructor teaches the PD patient to move to the music....each time the music is different, with different beats. I have read that this is a kind of 'rewiring' the nervous system to learn new things.....and they have found that it helps alot.

        Neurology is a very interesting field.
        I will be following your conversation to see what else I may learn.

        Thank you Mr. Rajvanshi.
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        Jun 28 2013: 'Anything that allows you to focus your thoughts for a long time will help',I cannot understand it ,can you please explain to me,or expand your words? I'm much curious about this kind of stuff.Thanks

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