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Paradise at last!

Many different religions believe in life after death, and living in a heavenly paradise. Some believe in an earthly paradise. John Lennons "Imagine" speaks of a an earthly paradise. Books and movies may display paradise. But if you could imagine it for yourself, what would your paradise be like?

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    Jun 26 2013: I like the Gnostic gospel of Thomas where the disciples ask, “when will the kingdom of the father be” And Jesus answers. “The kingdom will not be here or there but rather the kingdom is right here and now but men do not see it.” As humans, we are perfectly adapted to our environment. We have a world of riveting challenges; it can even be exciting. Paradise then is the proper mix of hot and cold, good and bad, right and wrong. If it remains interesting, it can be heaven. If your lucky enough to have someone to love then you are definitely there.
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      Jun 27 2013: Very nice. I will definitely look more into that.
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        Jun 27 2013: Kaitlyn: Have you read or watched any of Joseph Campbell's works? Eye opening!
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          Jun 27 2013: No actually I haven't. Is there anything in particular you'd recommend?
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    Jun 24 2013: For me, paradise is to feel a great, real and deep pace in the bottom of my heart. I don't need anymore. I believe this is not a frequent sensation. Pity!
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      Jun 25 2013: Peace is also something I look forward to. Thanks for your comment. :)
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      Jun 25 2013: Along that line of thinking, Paradise is a state of mind.
      Is the class half-full or half-empty?
      And thus is paradise seeing the class as half-full of the-nectar-of-the-gods and half-full of its blissful aroma?
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        Jun 25 2013: I never thought of paradise as being a state of mind. I will work towards that. I'm grateful for your contribution to this discussion. Before, I believed paradise can only be reached after death. But you've helped me to realize that paradise can be experienced in the present. Do you feel like you've reached paradise? Is your state of mind at a paradisaic condition? If so, how did you reach this point in your life? And what does it consist of?
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          Jun 26 2013: That depends on how you define paradise.
          If you consider paradise as a place with “only” peace, prosperity and happiness; then no I did not.
          I am at peace with hardships, seeing them as lessons and not punishments or pass/fail tests.
          I do find happiness, but it is not a perpetual state of mind. It’s like running a marathon: yes there is joy in doing it and finishing, but there is also going to be sweat and sore muscles. And without the sweat and sore muscles, the joy will not be as sweet.

          We are all on our own unique path and my path has been too long a twisted sate, "plus I don’t think it would recommend it ether. ;) " I will recommend viewing hardships as lessons, for we are here to experience and learn from things we can’t experience and thus learn in heaven. Viewing hardships as puzzles has really taken my spirit to a new level.

          LOL, I feel like I should be returning to a mountain top cave for meditation, instead of my plan old ordinary life. ;)
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        Jul 7 2013: Lol!! That's so funny. I definitely agree on looking at hardships as lessons. Even though that can be so much easier said than done. That's what had me wondering about a paradise in the first place. Experiencing a number of trials had me thinking of the future. My only hope for the future is what I believe spiritually. But your outlook on a better life definitely is helpful. Because it applies to the present moment. From here on out I'm going to try my best to view my trials as a puzzle as well. Puzzles may be challenging but they can be completed one way or another. Thanks for your help on this matter, I really appreciate it. Came at perfect timing :)
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        Jul 22 2013: I agree.
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      Jul 7 2013: Wow your vision of paradise is beautiful! I hope one day I can experience this as well :) thanks for sharing. And especially for not being afraid to use a detailed imagination!! :) very nice comment
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      Jul 10 2013: Not Here: “I don't believe in a religious view of paradise”
      LOL, actually you just described a contemporary garden of Eden, AKA a religions view of paradise here on earth.

      Being at one with nature is key in achieving a paradise state of mind, and is something I strive for every day. But like with all things it needs to be in balance, yin-yang, nature-tech, black-white, hard work-relaxation, good-evil, etc-etc.

      I just planted 6 double-knockout rose bushes that surround a butterfly bush in a 12’ diameter raised flowerbed I built with cinder-blocks. And to stay imbalance next project is plumbing and rain-gutters, from something I enjoy to something a hate, from something I will enjoy looking at for a long time to something I will hopefully never see. (yin-yang)
  • Jun 24 2013: Interesting that you mention Lennons "Imagine" song.......I think he gave a new world (paradise) some thought too.

    My paradise would be a world filled with humane individuals who use love as their guiding principle.
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      Jun 25 2013: I agree Mary. In my vision of paradise, love is a guiding principle. Thanks for sharing. :)
      • Jul 24 2013: To have love as a guiding principle then. you must change the way humans think.
        And who can change a human's thinking ability?

        It has to be the individual herself, with some sort of motivation.

        The scriptures tell us that God is love.

        Therefore, in the paradise that scriptures describe, which is directly linked to God's kingdom reigning over the earth, humans will once and for all be able to live having to answer only to God, and not to another human.

        That is the way things were intended to be from the beginning.

        As long as we have to render account to a human government, we will not have paradise.

        Can you envision humans living in peace on an earthly paradise?
        It's almost surreal isn't it?

        The scriptures promise us that it is possible.
        Will we live to see it?
  • Jul 10 2013: Kaitlyn, you've never heard the parable about Paradise, and life after death, no, then I'll tell it....

    A man dies, and shuffle of this early coil, and his spirit is met by a guide who says...

    "Have we got a place for you..."


    The guide show's him into a room.

    "This is where you'll be spending all eternity"

    In the room are two old people, and they are sitting down next to a projector, showing a life time of holiday slides, explaining each one.

    Just as the guide closes the door, the man runs to it...

    "This is HELL!!"

    "For someone it's Paradise."
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    Jun 28 2013: Kaitylin: I was just looking at NetFlix. They have a selection of Campbell videos: The Power of Myth, Mythos, The Hero’s Journey and A Mythic Journey. His books are many: The Hero with a Thousand Faces, The Mask of God, The Power of Myth, Follow your Bliss and more. I prefer the videos to the books. I think he gets the point over, clearer, when he’s talking at you rather then reading his works.
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    Jul 22 2013: . .

    My paradise would be one where no invalid (harmful) happiness exists.
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    Jul 21 2013: Paradise is a state of complete balance
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    Jul 21 2013: Dear Kaitlyn, thank you fo your attention and kind words about my LifeCycle seria. It was created as a tool to help people to recognize the essential points in their life so I am glad it`s works fo you. It will be explanation for each painting for clea undestanding.

    Concerns the Paradise subject I am going to Paradise beach right now to make a fresh pics and put it to the site so you can see it as it is in real life right now!
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    Jul 13 2013: Kaitlyn: Yes, it sounds as if your daughters to young to enjoy the park. When I was last there, over 30 years ago, my daughter brought along 5 of her girl friends. We stopped for pizza on the way home. Now days, my daughter takes me places. LOL
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      Jul 20 2013: Awww that sounds so sweet :) I cant wait to enjoy memories like that with my daughter. Good for you. Family is something special. Especially a good bond between a father and a daughter. A relationship like that is truly incomparable.
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    Jul 7 2013: Dorney Park! I havn't been there in years. The last time my daughter was 12 - she's now 43. I had a great time - the water park especially!
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      Jul 13 2013: Yes! I live nearby. I cant wait to take my daughter. Although, I do have a while yet. Shes only 3 months old lol.
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  • Jun 25 2013: Do u talk about Utopia?? Then in my opinion this is practically the BASIC INCOME for everybody.

    When is the right time to do it?

    Well, at latest when the robots have the same level of intelligence like us.
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    Jun 25 2013: I founded natural Paradise at Corfu, Greece! If they dial with crisis it will be the best place in the world! :)
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      Jul 7 2013: I've never been there but pictures online definitely depict a paradise. It's gorgeous! Is this where you are from? I also noticed on your page you love art. If you painted a picture of paradise what would be in this picture?
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        Jul 7 2013: Hi Kethlyn, i have several pictures of Corfu at my site (signed in my profile) and notes about my trips. That place is defenitely mine because of several reasons, one of them is so different kinds of beauty of the seashore so I can`t stop to admire it. At 17 of July it will be my 5 time at Corfu, I spend a month here.
        I painted that place many times, pictures by watercolour mainly, but it is not enough. The subjects is trees, stairs, sunshine, waves, stones... just take a brush and start at any place. Last year I painted a stone wall sitting on the road so Greecs louth at me. It`s a drawing in realistic style. In my own I painted my stone I slept in the sea. The paintings is also at my site www.annamain.org in Gallery 2013, if you would like to see it.
        As my arts is a tool to understand and fine feel of the worls, I use it to feel Corfu more and more.
        So my Paradise is not something outside only, not just environment. It is inside, outside, feelings, details and of course changes of the sea. I can`t paint changes, but I can witness it. This is wonderful thing!
        Thank you for your interest!
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          Jul 20 2013: I've been looking at your website for awhile. I really like your 2013 gallery, the Lifecycle series is amazing. I would have to label myself as being in the Infant stage, since I just had my first baby. That look on the parents face is mine exactly sometimes. I thought it was cute and comical. Very nice work!
  • Jun 25 2013: What do you mean or want?
    We could have special visualizations.
    We could supposedly emulate certain esoteric postures.
    Or we could actually be talking about a religious paradise Which being a given if you so believe You must wait and see.
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    Jun 24 2013: all the things that delight me, living forever in perfect health, great sex, delicious food and sensual delights, great conversation, profound ideas, fulfilling work

    Why do you ask?
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      Jun 25 2013: Thanks for sharing. I ask because I'm curious if others share the same kind of paradise I would look forward to living in.
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        Jun 25 2013: Well, not to be the little question man, but what will you do with that info, Kaitlyn, let's say others do share the same vision, what will you do with that, and let's say they don't, what will you do with that?
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          Jun 25 2013: No, that's a good question. Well I want to be more open minded to other people's beliefs if theirs differ from mine. I hope they are willing to share that with me in this discussion. I like to learn new things and it interests me a lot when people share their beliefs or perspectives allowing me to look at what I envision through a new set of eyes.
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    Jun 24 2013: Paradise is to walk with Jesus. His only rule is that we care for each other more than for ourselves. We can get a glimpse of that on this earth through the assurance that this is our destiny.

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      Jun 25 2013: What exactly is walking with Jesus? Jesus is in heaven, no? I agree that this earth provides a glimpse of paradise. But do you imply then, that paradise is to be in heaven with Jesus or on earth?
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        Jun 25 2013: Hi Kaitlyn,
        Jesus inhabits His people by His Holy Spirit. He guides me daily, Iooking back I can see what He has been teaching me. It's exciting & the best is yet to come.

        Quick bible study :-
        We can get an idea of Paradise by following Christ in this life.
        If we die before the end of history, we will be with God in heaven temporarily.
        After the end of history there will be 1000yrs where Christ will reign on this earth with His people.
        After the 1000yrs He will remake the universe & heaven will come to earth.
        Followers of Christ will live with Him for ever.
        End of bible study.

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    Jun 24 2013: I think the religions that say God and heaven are beyond our imagination have it right, and even the basic laws of time, motion, reaction, gravity are different. So trying to imagine what it like, is somewhat a waste on time. Even if you did get it right you would not know for sure, until you get there.

    Commonly people say paradise would be free of want, and/or you’re in a state of total bliss. To me that sounds boring and undesirable.

    I think the US founding fathers had the right formula for creating paradise, but it has been corrupted and now is paradise lost.
    To me paradise will be a land where the president presides and not lead over a population of nobles. Nobles as in people that live by the Old Norse nine noble virtues, Self-Reliance, Hospitality, Courage, Discipline, Industriousness, Perseverance, Fidelity, Honor and Truth. (With truth being something you seek.) I only discovered these last year during my ancestry hunt, and yet I feel I instinctively been trying to follow them my whole life, and to me paradise would be a land/world of nobles. We still have wants and desires, just free of none-virtuous people.
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      Jun 25 2013: Thanks for sharing. I understand what you mean when you say imagining paradise is basically impossible. Living in such a corrupt world makes it hard for us to really imagine what a paradise would be like. But if you believe in a paradise after death, wouldn't it be important to at least try and imagine what that paradise would be like? Then we have something to look forward to in the future even if we cannot accurately know what paradise precisely entails.
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        Jun 25 2013: I believe it is part of Buda’s teachings that we should focus on life here, and not the afterlife.
        But I believe paradise is not only after-death, but instead after-death and life-on-earth are parts of the same paradise.
        So instead of paradise being an end-game goal, I use a holistic style of thinking and think of paradise is part of seeking the meaning of life here and after-death.

        Due to a health issue, I spent many years looking inward and seeking the meaning of life. Having physical limitations is not desirable, but it did set me on a path of looking inward. And I now fully believe in impressing the paths we are guided to be on, and once we learn/solve the lesion we will move onto a new path.

        To put it crude terms, or ease it would take several books to state it.
        I currently see us as angels playing a MMORPG created by god, being a game created by god it does not just feel rule it is real. It is not just for fun, we play to learn thing we can’t learn in heaven. Like any game it needed danger and monsters to be entertaining and for us to learn things we can’t in heaven, how can we learn the joy over overcoming hard time in a worry free paradise.

        Also I don’t see heaven as a stagnant or one thing, but instead it evolves and it full of endless possibilities. Including playing a game called Life on Earth. ;)