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Paradise at last!

Many different religions believe in life after death, and living in a heavenly paradise. Some believe in an earthly paradise. John Lennons "Imagine" speaks of a an earthly paradise. Books and movies may display paradise. But if you could imagine it for yourself, what would your paradise be like?


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      Jul 7 2013: Wow your vision of paradise is beautiful! I hope one day I can experience this as well :) thanks for sharing. And especially for not being afraid to use a detailed imagination!! :) very nice comment
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      Jul 10 2013: Not Here: “I don't believe in a religious view of paradise”
      LOL, actually you just described a contemporary garden of Eden, AKA a religions view of paradise here on earth.

      Being at one with nature is key in achieving a paradise state of mind, and is something I strive for every day. But like with all things it needs to be in balance, yin-yang, nature-tech, black-white, hard work-relaxation, good-evil, etc-etc.

      I just planted 6 double-knockout rose bushes that surround a butterfly bush in a 12’ diameter raised flowerbed I built with cinder-blocks. And to stay imbalance next project is plumbing and rain-gutters, from something I enjoy to something a hate, from something I will enjoy looking at for a long time to something I will hopefully never see. (yin-yang)

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