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Paradise at last!

Many different religions believe in life after death, and living in a heavenly paradise. Some believe in an earthly paradise. John Lennons "Imagine" speaks of a an earthly paradise. Books and movies may display paradise. But if you could imagine it for yourself, what would your paradise be like?


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    Jun 24 2013: Paradise is to walk with Jesus. His only rule is that we care for each other more than for ourselves. We can get a glimpse of that on this earth through the assurance that this is our destiny.

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      Jun 25 2013: What exactly is walking with Jesus? Jesus is in heaven, no? I agree that this earth provides a glimpse of paradise. But do you imply then, that paradise is to be in heaven with Jesus or on earth?
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        Jun 25 2013: Hi Kaitlyn,
        Jesus inhabits His people by His Holy Spirit. He guides me daily, Iooking back I can see what He has been teaching me. It's exciting & the best is yet to come.

        Quick bible study :-
        We can get an idea of Paradise by following Christ in this life.
        If we die before the end of history, we will be with God in heaven temporarily.
        After the end of history there will be 1000yrs where Christ will reign on this earth with His people.
        After the 1000yrs He will remake the universe & heaven will come to earth.
        Followers of Christ will live with Him for ever.
        End of bible study.


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