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Science vs God?

I am the Curator of TEDxUCDavis, and I wanted to create a page where people could discuss the talk at my event by Bryan Enderle: Science vs God. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn7YQOzNuSc&list=PLsRNoUx8w3rNNNJZyHiIb3MMhM3QQyiAD&index=10

First and foremost, I wanted to make a disclaimer. The views expressed in this talk do not reflect the views of the broader TED-organization. The selection was made entirely by me and the content was produced entirely by Mr Enderle.

I invited Bryan to speak despite the fact that I am an atheist, and knowing how often I would cringe at these types of talks. In my view what Bryan does differently is merely make a plausibility argument for traits that seem too fantastic to many. He is not arguing for the existence of God. I was once a vindictive atheist who cheered for Richard Dawkins in his debates and despised religious thought. Eventually however, I realized that this debate has been raging for centuries and to simply discount all the brilliant people who had faith would be too simple. There is a debate to be held yes, but it does not need to be so vitriolic and people of both sides can learn from each other.

In this debate section please keep your comments specifically to the points discussed in his talk, and try not to stray to other issues. I think Bryan titled his talk to be deliberately provocative, since it is this false dichotomy between faith and science that he tries to break down in his talk. If we can think how the two philosophies can inform the other, then we can have a productive discussion.


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  • Jul 10 2013: Science is not really against gods, falsified gods are just collateral damage. :)
    • Jul 13 2013: God is a situation , where our brain are limited by thoughts , to understand. Other words, if we fail too understand, we call it GOD. In the near past , there have been so many thing which were not understood , & we call them God, but we have understood them & call them science
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        Jul 19 2013: So God equals our ignorance or ability to comprehend?

        Shall add that to the list of meanings for God?

        I suggest we call this what it is and not use a label synomous with deities .

        I suggest in general we don't use the word God of there is a better label or term to explain what you mean.

        In this case I think you are onto something. Perhaps humans personify this feeling of awe and incomprehension, and this is the basis of God beliefs.

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